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ANZICS Presents ‘Meet the Experts Podcast Series’ – Dr Paul Secombe (October 2022)

November 2, 2022

Swapnil interviews Dr Paul Secombe (Intensivist, Director of Alice Springs Hospital ICU, and Director of ANZICS CORE Adult Patient Database), as he shares his insights on the unique healthcare challenges faced across the rural and remote regions of Central Australia. Amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic, Paul discusses the geographical challenges faced when caring for patients in remote areas, particularly in relation to clinical deterioration and the triggers for patient transfer and/or retrieval. A strong advocate for healthcare equity, Paul describes the current state of Indigenous health outcomes and how data can be used to identify gaps in provision of care and service delivery. Did you know that PROEMS is coming? Find out about the ANZICS CORE patient reported outcomes and experience measures feasibility study.

Click here to listen to Dr Paul Secombe

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