Death And Organ Donation

The Death and Organ Donation Committee (DODC) provide advice on strategies to improve organ and tissue donation processes.  We liaise with external organisations, groups and government agencies on all issues pertinent to organ and tissue donation.  An important function of the Committee is to assist with the education needs of intensive care doctors about brain death and organ and tissue donation.

The Organ and Tissue Authority (OTA) and ANZICS

ANZICS continues to support and provide expertise to OTA on improving the organ donation process. The specialty of intensive care provides a leading role in informing the organ donation process and advocates to ensure good and appropriate decision-making both during and at the end-of-life. Together, ANZICS and OTA recognise and strive to meet the needs of the unfortunate families who face the decision about donating a loved one’s organs. ANZICS welcomes the investment that has been made by OTA in improving communication skills around end-of-life care and continues to work with them in this essential area, resulting in national increased organ donation rates and high quality transplant outcomes.

Committee Members
Dr Ben Gelbart
Dr Ben Gelbart Paediatric
Vacant TAS