COMET (CORE Outcome Measurement and Evaluation Tool)

COMET is a web-based application to supports the collection and submission of compliant data to the APD and ANZPIC Registries. Site level data collected can also be extracted from COMET to complete the CCR survey.


  • COMET can be accessed using any computer i.e. Mac​, iPad, PC desktop or laptop and does not require local IT support or development.
  • A Microsoft Access license not required.
  • Enhanced security:
    • Each site will set up a Site Administrator that can then add/manage users for their site.
    • No one outside of the list of users created by the site administrator can access hospital data or reporting.
    • Users can use the same logon details to access different hospitals if they have permission to do so.
  • Increased scope for collaborations with other registries in the future.
  • A searchable ‘tagging’ system which can be added to any patient, hospital admission or ICU admission.

IT Specifications

  • Must use Internet Explorer 11 and up or updated Chrome browser
  • Must have a reliable internet connection
  • Must have MS Excel as all local reporting relies on data extracts from COMET generated in Excel format.

Implementation of COMET

All sites, including new sites that have never collected or submitted data to the APD or ANZPIC Registry, that wish to use the COMET software, please refer to the COMET Privacy and Security Assessment Document. Submission of a signed COMET Implementation Request Form is required to proceed with implementation. ​

NZ sites are required to complete the following documentation in addition to the COMET Privacy and Security Assessment Document, in order to comply with NZ Privacy requirements. Please submit the following completed documents to the Government Chief Digital Officer – Department of Internal Affairs, NZ. Information about the New Zealand Government Cloud First Policy is located here.

Cloud Risk Assessment – Please complete the four sections highlighted.

Cloud Endorsement By Agency – Please ensure this document is signed off by your CEO, CIO, or the person responsible for Privacy and Risk Assessment.

If you have any queries related to NZ local privacy issues and process, please contact Sue Huckson (CORE Manager).

COMET Resources

The newly developed COMET Site Reports are intended to replace the previous temporary excel reporting templates.