Patient Reported Outcome and Experience Measures (PROEMs)

What are PROEMs?

Patient Reported Outcome Measures capture a patient’s assessment of their health, function, and wellbeing, at a point in time after they have been discharged from hospital. Responses are collected through completion of a standardised survey tool which helps to inform health services about what matters most to patients about their health and wellbeing after receiving treatment for an illness or injury.

Patient Reported Experience Measures capture feedback on the care received while in hospital. Patients, along with their family member or carer, are invited to comment on various aspects of how the care was provided, such as how a doctor explained a procedure, listened to concerns, or answered questions in a way the patient/family member/carers could understand. Thoughts may also be provided on the physical environment such as the cleanliness of rooms or the comfort of the waiting room.

Together these are known as PROEMs Patient Reported Outcome and Experience Measures.

For children and adult patients who are unable to complete a survey, a parent, carer, or nominated contact person may assist to provide survey responses.

PROEMs for the Intensive Care Unit

After an admission to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), patients are the best judge of the impact of treatment on their health, wellbeing and day-to-day life.  Feeling pain, being unable to perform daily tasks, or changes to mood or sleep, are some of the challenges that may be faced by patients when recovering from illness. Knowing the challenges, helps inform and shape the treatments provided in the ICU.

Likewise, feedback from you about the care received whilst in the ICU, helps the health care team find out what they are doing well and what might be done to improve the quality of the care they provide.

PROEMs help promote and support patient-centred care through shared decision making between patients, families, and the healthcare team in the ICU.

What is the ANZICS-PROEMs pilot feasibility study?

The Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS) brought together a group of ICU clinicians from across Australia and New Zealand, including patients and families with lived intensive care experience, to design a study to collect patient feedback through sending an automated text message to a mobile phone or email address. The message received will contain a link to access a survey.

Adult patients discharged from the ICU, as well as their nominated contact (carer/family member), will each receive an invitation to one of two different surveys.

In the case of paediatric patients, only the parents/carers will receive invitations to complete both the outcome and experience surveys. The study is called a ‘pilot’ because it is designed to test the system, with the aim to enable all future patients admitted to an intensive care unit, the opportunity to provide feedback.


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