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Level 1, 101 High Street
(Entry via 2 Porter Street)
Prahran VIC 3181
PO Box 41, Prahran VIC 3181

phone number

+61 3 9340 3499

Email Address
Sue Huckson
Sue Huckson ANZICS CORE General Manager
Phyllis Toparlanis
Phyllis Toparlanis Executive Assistant and Events Lead
Vathsala Pradeep
Vathsala Pradeep Administration Officer Committees and Membership
Shaila Chavan
Shaila Chavan ANZICS CORE Informatics Manager
Jostein Saethern
Jostein Saethern Project Officer - Programming
Jennifer Hogan
Jennifer Hogan ANZICS Education Program Manager
Tamara Bucci
Tamara Bucci Project Support Officer
Eva Maleken
Eva Maleken Project Support Officer
Tatjana Kerig
Tatjana Kerig Data Analyst
Donna Goldsmith
Donna Goldsmith Executive Officer - Clinical Trials Group
Marisa Comitini
Marisa Comitini Clinical Trials Group Administration Officer
Rocklyn Xavier
Rocklyn Xavier Data Analyst
Nathan Haig
Nathan Haig Project Support Officer
Wilson Low
Wilson Low PROEMS Project Officer
Alana Karathanasis
Alana Karathanasis GICI Project Manager
Champ Mendis
Champ Mendis ANZICS CORE Data Scientist
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