Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygention (ECMO) Dataset

ANZICS CORE is pleased to announce the addition of the bi-national Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) dataset to the Intensive Care Clinical Quality Registries. The ECMO dataset was introduced at the request of the national, state and territory health departments of Australia and New Zealand, with the aim to measure ECMO activity and outcome throughout both countries.

ECMO is a form of life support used for children and adults with life-threatening heart and lung failure. ECMO is a low volume but high cost life-saving procedure. Differences in practice with unwanted variation in outcome has already been identified within some regions of Australia. Submission of data to ANZICS was also highlighted as one of the key recommendations within the Adult ECMO in Victoria – Centralisation and retrieval model evidence review.

To ensure accurate benchmarking for this low volume intervention, every site undertaking ECMO is encouraged to participate. Information should be collected for all adult and paediatric patients who require ECMO, and for patients in whom there is an ECMO cannulation attempt, even if ECMO is not subsequently established.

An ECMO data collection tool has been developed within the COMET (CORE Outcome Measurement and Evaluation Tool) data entry software.

Data Collection Process

All sites wanting to contribute to the ECMO dataset must register to obtain access to the ANZICS ECMO data collection tool.

COMET users

As an additional feature, if ECMO is noted as an intervention in the routine APD data collection, there will be a flag indicating this data is required.

Non- COMET (APD & ANZPIC) users

NZ sites are required to complete the following documentation in addition to the COMET Privacy and Security Assessment Document, in order to comply with NZ Privacy requirements. Please submit the following completed documents to the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) for their reference. The DIA website can be located here.

Cloud Security Assessment – Please complete the four sections highlighted.

Cloud Endorsement Agency Protected – Please ensure this document is signed off by your CEO, CIO, or the person responsible for Privacy and Security Assessment.

If you have any queries related to NZ local privacy issues and process, please contact Sue Huckson (CORE Manager).

If you have any queries regarding the ECMO dataset, please contact the ANZICS Office at ANZICS CORE or 03 9340 3400.

Additional Tools and Resources