TARGET Protein

ANZICS CTG Endorsed Study

TARGET Protein

The effect of augmented administration of enteral protein to critically ill adults on clinical outcomes:  A cluster randomised, cross-sectional double cross-over, registry-embedded, pragmatic clinical trial.

Study Description

The TARGET Protein study is a cluster randomised clinical trial with the aim of evaluating the effect of isocaloric higher dietary protein delivery on outcomes of critically ill adult patients when compared to usual care. In this study each ICU will be randomised to one of the two study formulae for 3 months and then crosses over to the other study formulae for 3 months, which is then repeated, with each site participating for 12 months. Each eligible patient admitted to the ICU during these 3-month periods will receive the same study formula.

Management Committee

Rinaldo Bellomo, Marianne Chapman, Lee-anne Chapple, Adam Deane, Suzie Ferrie, Mark Finnis, Criag French, Sally Hurford, Nima Kakho, Emily Karahalios, Matthew Maiden, Stephanie O’Connor, Sandra Peake, Jeffrey Presneill, Emma Ridley, Matthew Summers, An Duy Tran, Tricia Williams, Paul Young

Administering Institution

Royal Adelaide Hospital, Central Adelaide Local Health Network

Sample Size

3000 patients


Intensive Care Foundation, MRFF, Nutricia Australia


CTG 2122-03, ACTRN12621001484831


Adam Deane (email)

Lee-anne chapple (email)