ANZICS CTG Endorsed Study


An inception cohort study comparing oxygen practices in mechanically ventilated patients in ANZ ICUs which participate in the ICU-ROX trial, with patients in ICUs which do not participate in ICU-ROX.

Study Description

The ICU-ROX TRIPS inception cohort study is part of a programme of research assessing whether participating in the ICU-ROX trial changes attitudes and practices with regard to oxygen therapy, compared to the practices of ICUs which do not participate in ICU-ROX.

Our hypothesis is that for ICUs which participate in the ICU-ROX trial, the proportion of time patients who are mechanically ventilated spend breathing 21% oxygen (room air) will increase but that this practice change will not occur in ANZ ICUs that do not participate.

The study will be collected at three timepoints: (i) before ICU-ROX starts as baseline; (ii) after ICU-ROX is completed, but before it is published; and (iii) 1-12 months after the publication of the results of ICU-ROX.

Management Committee

Diane Mackle, Richard Beasley, Rinaldo Bellomo, Victoria Bennett, Adam Deane, Glenn Eastwood, Simon Finfer, Ross Freebairn, Ed Litton, Colin McArthur, Shay McGuinness, Kathy Nelson, Rakshit Panwar, Paul Young

Administering Institution

Medical Research Institute of New Zealand

Sample Size

642 patients


Health Research Council of NZ – Clinical Training Fellowship – $250,000




Diane Mackle (email)