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DRIVing PrEssure Limited Ventilation in Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure–Randomised Control Trial

Study Description

Patients with Acute Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure are vulnerable to lung and diaphragm injury associated with mechanical ventilation.

Driving pressure, the elastic pressure generated by inflating the respiratory system with the tidal volume (Vt), reflects the stress applied to the lung.  Driving pressure remains high in many patients even when Vt is in the protective range.  A new non-invasive technique allows us to easily detect high driving pressure due to patient breathing effort.

This trial aims to determine the effect of a driving pressure-limited ventilation strategy in comparison to conventional tidal volume limited ventilation in patients receiving invasive mechanical ventilation for acute hypoxemic respiratory failure.

The DRIVE RCT, sponsored and coordinated by the ANZIC-RC Monash University in Australia, is contributing to the International DRIVE trial. The DRIVE trial is one intervention of PRACTICAL (Platform of Randomized Adaptive Clinical Trials in Critical Illness).

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Management Committee

Prof Carol Hodgson, Prof Ary Serpa Neto, A/Prof Ian Seppelt, A/Prof David Gattas, Dr Peter Kruger, Prof Steve Webb, Prof Sandra Peake, Prof Alistair Nichol, Dr Lisa Higgins, A/Prof Neil Orford, Dr Anais Charles-Nelson, Ms Heidi Buhr, Ms Rebecca Morgan

Administering Institution

ANZIC RC Monash University

Sample size





CTG2223-04, NCT05440851


Carol Hodgson (email)