ANZICS CTG Endorsed Study


Sampling antibiotics in renal replacement therapy

Study Description

Inadequate antibiotic therapy is a critical determinant of survival in patients admitted to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with overwhelming infection requiring renal replacement therapy (RRT).  Guidelines for effective dosing are not available because RRT can be vastly different between ICUs, resulting in significantly different antibiotic pharmacokinetics. Developing an evidence-based antibiotic dosing guideline is of global significance and should be considered a priority to improving clinical outcomes for patients requiring RRT that have infections.

The aim of the SMARRT Study is to develop optimised antibiotic dosing guidelines for ICU patients with life-threatening infections that account for patient characteristics and the type of RRT they are prescribed.  This will be achieved through completion of the following aims:

  1. Describe detailed demographic, clinical, RRT and plasma antibiotic concentration-time data in a large ICU patient cohort.
  2. Perform a robust pharmacokinetic and statistical analysis of the data collected in Aim 1 to develop an enhanced preliminary prediction algorithm for antibiotic dosing.

Management Committee

Jason Roberts (Chair), Rinaldo Bellomo, Gordon Choi, Louise Cole, Renae Deans (Project Manager), Melissa Lassig-Smith, Jeffrey Lipman, Sanjoy Paul, Sandra Peake, Michael Roberts, Therese Starr, Dianne Stephens, and John Turnidge.

Administering Institution

The University of Queensland


University of Queensland

Sample Size

>450 patients


NHMRC Project Grant $1,034,978.89




Rinaldo Bellomo (email)

Erika Dempsey (email)