ANZICS CTG Endorsed Study


The prophylactic hypothermia trial to lessen traumatic brain injury basal energy assessment research

Study Description

POLAR BEAR is a sub-study of the POLAR trial. POLAR BEAR will investigate the effect of prophylactic hypothermia on metabolic rate and the provision of nutrition to patients with traumatic brain injury. Those with hypothermia will be compared to those who are normothermic to see if there is any difference in metabolic rate or feeding outcomes. The primary outcome is the average energy expenditure over the first 72 hours post enrolment with other areas of interest being nutrition provision in these patients. The results will inform the intensive care community of the metabolic process and feeding challenges in this group. This will be particularly important if prophylactic hypothermia becomes routine practice in the management of patients with traumatic brain injury.

Management Committee

Emma Ridley (Chair / Project Manager), Michael Bailey, Stephen Bernard, Jamie Cooper, Andrew Davies,            Lyn Gillanders, Colin McArthur, Lynette Newby, and Tony Trapani.

Administering Institution

ANZICS-RC, Monash Univeristy

Sample Size 

40 Patients


Alfred Foundation $20,000
Australasian Society of Parenteral and Enteral (AuSPEN) $5000




Emma Ridley (email)