ANZICS CTG Endorsed Study


The Plasma-Lyte 148® vs saline study

Study Description

Aims and Methods

PLUS is a multi-centre, blinded, randomised, controlled trial (RCT) to determine whether fluid resuscitation and therapy with a “balanced” crystalloid solution (Plasma-Lyte 148®) decreases 90-day mortality in critically ill patients requiring fluid resuscitation when compared with the same treatment using 0.9% sodium chloride (saline). This study will enrol ~5000 patients in approximately 50 study sites in Australia and New Zealand.

Participants will be patients expected to be treated in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for three days or more. They will be randomly assigned to receive either Plasma-Lyte 148® or saline for all resuscitation episodes and for all compatible crystalloid therapy while in ICU for up to 90 days after the first episode of fluid resuscitation

Study Outcomes and Significance

PLUS is a pivotal trial that will provide an accurate and reliable estimate of the comparative risks versus benefit of Plasma-Lyte 148® versus 0.9% sodium chloride. PLUS will influence clinical practice guidelines and clinical practice worldwide and will affect the health of millions of acute and critically ill people.

Management Committee

Simon Finfer (Chair), Rinaldo Bellomo, Martin Gallagher, David Gattas, Naomi Hammond, Diane Mackle, Sharon Micallef (Project Manager), John Myburgh, Leanlove Navarra, Manoj Saxena, Colman Taylor, Paul Young.

Administering Institution

The George Institute for Global Health / University of NSW, Sydney.


Baxter Healthcare (provision of fluids no influence on study).

Sample Size

8800 patients


NHMRC – Project Grant – $5,984,818
NZHRC – Project Grant – NZ$1,385,250




Sharon Micallef  (email)
Simon Finfer (email)